Argonaute Protein 5G5S

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This 3D printed molecular model of Argonaute Protein is printed in full-color sandstone and colored by the protein's atomic temperature from cyan to yellow. DNA (grey) base's are colored by nucleotide type.  Hinge region containing a switch helix colored orange.  Biologic Model printed in full-color sandstone.

Protein Description

The Argonaute protein family plays a central role in RNA silencing processes, as essential components of the RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC). Gene translation is inhibited by small RNA sequences that guide Argonaute (Apo) proteins to their targets. New insights identify bacteria in the gut exerts controls over their host organism by secreting Nitric Oxide modulating Apo function. 

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Created from PDB IDs: 5G5S, 5G5T