Oxygenated Hemoglobin Hb Acrylic

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This 4-inch Biologic Model of Oxygenated Hemoglobin Hb is 18 Million times larger than actual 55 Angstrom in diameter protein and cast in high-quality acrylic plastic.

Protein Description

Hemoglobin is the protein inside red blood cells that transport oxygen molecules throughout the body. This model is made from x-ray crystallography data of Oxygenated Hemoglobin (PDB ID: 1HH0). Each spherical unit on the model represents the position of a single atom. Colored in red are the protein's HEME Groups, disk-like structures with an Iron atom core. It is to this Iron atom core that binds O2 molecules (Blue) bind. Just like magnets are attracted to iron nails, O2 molecules are attracted to the iron atoms at the center of each Heme Group. This is a fun model to introduce molecular biology to your friends, children, and colleagues.