Ebola Virus Ectodomain

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This is a 3D print of the Ebola Virus Prefusion Ectodomain as seen on the virus plasma membrane. It was made from x-ray crystallography datasets PDB IDs: 3CSY, 2EBO.  The protein surface color coding is defined by the its "Hydrophobicity," or willingness to be around water molecules. To delineate the different chains, the GP2-Glycoprotein-plasma membrane are green colors. The model can be printed in a variety of materials and sizes. Please contact us to request.

Protein Description

Ebola virions contain a surface transmembrane glycoprotein (GP) that is responsible for binding to target cells and subsequent fusion of the viral and host-cell membranes. GP is expressed as a single-chain precursor that is posttranslationally processed into the disulfide-linked fragments GP1 and GP2. The GP2 subunit is thought to mediate membrane fusion. A soluble fragment of the GP2 ectodomain, lacking the fusion-peptide region and the transmembrane helix, folds into a stable, highly helical structure in aqueous solution. Limited proteolysis studies identify a stable core of the GP2 ectodomain. This 74-residue core, denoted Ebo-74, was crystallized, and its x-ray structure was determined at 1.9-A resolution. Ebo-74 forms a trimer in which a long, central three-stranded coiled coil is surrounded by shorter C-terminal helices that are packed in an antiparallel orientation into hydrophobic grooves on the surface of the coiled-coil.

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