Zika Virus Shell 5IRE

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3D model of the Zika Virus glycoprotein shell printed in full-color sandstone. The model isolates each chain type in a different color. In yellow are the active sites of the Zika Virus Shell. The protein surface color coding delineates the 3 unique glycoproteins which make up the capsid body. Labeled in yellow are theAsn154 residues, the active sites of the glycoproteins.

Protein Description

The structure of Zika virus is similar to other known flavivirus structures except for the ~10 amino acids that surround the Asn154 glycosylation site found in each of the 180 envelope glycoproteins that make up the icosahedral shell. The carbohydrate moiety associated with this residue, recognizable in the cryo-EM electron density, may function as an attachment site of the virus to host cells. This region varies not only among Zika virus strains but also in other flaviviruses and suggests that changes in this region influence virus transmission and disease.

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Created from PDB ID: 5IRE